New and improved ASIB website


The ASIB has upgraded it's website in order to add new features and improve service and response in the sprinkler industry.

As with everything new and shiny, the next few weeks will be the teething period where there will be a few hiccups discovered, so please, if you experience any problems, errors, or if you have any suggestions to improve the website and it's functionality, let us know.

The ASIB levels of listing will remain as technical recommendations, and further explanation as to the levels of listing can be found under the 'Installer/ Supplier' tab under 'Explanation'. However, we have added a new feature whereby customers and end users can rate the companies in terms of service. A simple registration process allows anyone to rate and comment on any listed company. We trust that this feature will greatly assist in increasing levels of service in the industry as a whole, as well as providing some kind of guidance in terms of selection of the installer and supplier the end user wishes to use.

Regular articles will be posted under the news feed, and we foresee a discussion forum opening in the near future, where queries are answered on an open forum.

The ASIB also plans to release two App's this year to assist in calculation and categorisation, so watch this space.

For any problems or queries, please contact: Natasha Adams (General Manager) (Cell) 083 622 8213

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To provide an independent and unbiased inspection service for sprinkler protection and fixed fire protection systems.

To ensure all equipment has been designed and installed in accordance with the minimum accepted requirements of internationally recognised standards and criteria and are maintained and inspected according to this.

The role of the Automatic Sprinkler Inspection Bureau is to assist in raising and upholding the quality of work and agreed standards in the fixed fire protection industry.